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protect yourself from email and social media scams

Protect yourself from email and social media scams

Email and social media scams are not only a common problem online, but they also continue to become more sophisticated.

How Clients Evaluate A Business Before Making Purchases

How Clients Evaluate A Business Before Making Purchases

Consumers today are no longer at the mercy of traditional marketing techniques to make purchasing decisions. With tons of data available online, modern consumers research almost everything that they need on the internet.

group effort tb

All Together Now: 5 effective ways to make the year ahead a group effort

Collaboration drives contemporary life, and acing this skill will help you get more from each day.

Treat Your Body Right blog post image TB

Treat Your Body Right

The Staples Canada Working + Learning Blog presents Treat Your Body Right: Bring your A-game to work with these 5 tips

How to Create an Inspiring Space for Your Employees

How to Create an Inspiring Space for Your Employees

Let’s get real here for a moment. The headquarters of massive tech companies, buzzing with in-house baristas and millions of square feet worth of whimsical campus design, aren’t the norm.

green goodness tb

Green Goodness: 10 tips for sustainable living, every day

Sustainability is on many Canadians’ minds as we usher in 2020. From cutting back on waste to saving energy, there are many small steps we can take to be more environmentally re-sponsible in our daily lives.

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future forward tb

Future Forward: Get back on track and tackle 2020 head on!

New Year’s Resolutions can get wobbly by late-January or February… but that’s okay! Expect a few bumps along the way, and don’t worry: they won’t throw you permanently off course.


Lighten the Load with Less Tech Gear

Thanks to Marie Kondo minimalism has gone mainstream… again! With the second semester of school just starting, this is a good time for students to declutter and focus on items that bring joy and help them to be more productive.


It’s a Greta Thunberg World: Here’s how to Get Kids into Social Change

Us adults often forget the growing pains, both physical and emotional, of learning to find our way in a world where at one point we all felt too small to matter.


From Paper to Ones and Zeros: Digitize Your Life

The best way to tackle the aspects of small business management that you dread is to dive right in.


First Priority? Schedule time for self-care

Whether you’re crushing a report, prepping for a presentation or cramming for an exam, chances are you’ve felt the pressure to get it done.

How to keep it to yourself: privacy dos and don’ts

How to keep it to yourself: privacy dos and don’ts

In our digital and social-media age, what used to be private info has increasingly become part of the public domain.

Time Management - hero banner

10 ways to focus #likeaboss

It’s a big project, and you can see the light at the end of the tunnel… but it still seems so far away. To help you stay focused all the way across the finish line, here are 10 tips to keep you on track.


Why Letting Go as an Owner Can Help Your Business Grow

Give credit where credit is due and recognize that you deserve a lot of kudos for getting your business to where it is today.

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